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Power Chairs, Mobility Scooters, Manual Wheelchairs...

You name it, we customize it!

We fit to..YOUR specific body type

We have..A huge inventory of parts & accessories to create a unique device just for you.

We will..Get working for YOU immediately! 

We also will..Save YOU THOUSANDS $$$!

Your mobility is within our capabilities...

It is our highest priority that your mobility device not only works for you, but goes above and beyond your expectations for comfort and usability. It is essential to us that your mobility device is crafted to fit you perfectly.

At Mobility Equipment Recyclers, our technicians have the tools, skills, and knowledge to accommodate any custom request for any piece of mobility or medical equipment, which includes:

  • Electric Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Manual Wheelchairs (Tilt in Spaces and Pediatric/Specialty Strollers and chairs)
  • Patient Lifts, Hospital Beds and Much More!

Outstanding customer service is what we strive towards. So we want to go the extra mile for our customers. No custom request is considered "too much" for our technicians. We promise to put our best foot forward when it comes to customizing your mobility and medical equipment so that your mobility or medical device .

Check Out Our Custom Power Chair Video! 

In this video we created a custom electric wheelchair. We started with a Quickie S-525. We added the following features that the end user specifically requested.

  • A Head Array
  • Egg Switches
  • Attendant Control Joystick
  • Contoured Backrest
  • Upgraded Electronic Display

Watch The Full Video

Custom Mobility & Medical Equipment FAQs

What is a Custom Power Wheelchair?

A custom electric wheelchair is a device that is specifically crafted and fitted for a single individual so that they are as comfortable as possible while using their mobility device. A custom power wheelchair has a plethora of options to optimize the user experience. 

So what can you have customized on an electric wheelchair?

  • Custom seating and backrest sizes
  • Powered seating functions 
  • Programmable speed functions
  • Head control units, for individuals with limited movement from the neck down
  • Supports for posture and safety
  • And Much More!

We can practically craft a power wheelchair to accommodate all custom requests regarding sizing options, specialty parts, and specialty accessories. 

What Mobility & Medical Devices Can Be Customized?

Most of the products we have available can be customized to properly fit any user.

  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Hospital Beds
  • Patient Lifts
  • And Much More!

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